Our Patient Services

Our reputation and ability to thrive depends on the outstanding service of our team members. Below is a list of clinical services we provide to the community.

Our Team of Professionals

  • Registered Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse (RN/LVN) - Provides medication management, skin/wound care, pain management, diabetic teaching and monitors blood pressure and basic vital signs.
  • Physical Therapist (PT) - Works to improve mobility, range of motion, regain strength and balance.
  • Occupational Therapist (OT) - Focuses on daily living skills such as bathing, toileting, and/or driving. They can recommend home modifications, such as grab bars or ramps to maximize home safety.
  • Speech Therapist (SLP) - Provides rehabilitation such as improving memory, communication skills, problem solving and manage swallowing disorders.
  • Home Health Aide (HHA) - Works under the direct supervision of a nurse or therapist to provide assistance with all self-care activities.
  • Social Worker (MSW) - Assists families, caregivers and patients to resolve social or emotional obstacles with community resources and provide counseling.
  • Registered Dietitian (RD) - Provides guidance to families patients and caregivers in nutrition, diet and food selections. All plans are adapted to the individual’s illness and are re-evaluated as needs change.